Writing Process- Blog Tour

I was asked by interactive artist  Maya Chowdhry and poet and Science Fiction writer Naomi Foyle to join this blog tour thingy and I said yes to both of them.  So here goes with the answers to the four questions.

At the moment I am gathering content for something that may end up as a pamphlet or something else.  It’s a mixture of poetry, photos, prose and archive material that I am digging out of various boxes in my study.  It started life as a desire to respond to a collection of photos belonging to my dad.  All of them were taken during the Second World War.  Some are taken at the training barracks in Catterick, others in North Africa where he served with the 8th Army.  It’s a process of discovery – the stories behind the photos, the photographer behind the camera, the men behind the uniform.  I don’t know where it is going to end up or what it is going to look like but that’s fine.

My last two books were poetry collections.  I had a broad idea from the start what the finished product would be.  At the moment I am not worrying too much about how this will turn out.   I don’t want to set any boundaries to it.  I’m just enjoying getting absorbed in the process.  With that in mind I can’t really say what genre it is going to be but it will be different.

I am writing this now because it feels like the right time.  I have just finished a memoir piece, Acts of Love, which is about my Mum and Dad falling in love in the 30’s and about my childhood in Leeds.  That piece of work saw me delving into my archive of photos and memorabilia and the photo albums from the war popped up.  Its their time now.

I write all the time.  Daily morning pages, thoughts, notes on things  I’ve read or seen, responses to moments and to the bigger picture.  All these things become what they want to be, when it’s the right time – poems, stories, longer projects.  Pen on paper, pen moving on paper.  You can’t beat it.

Next week or soon after, the blog tour continues with poet, editor and translator  Maria Jastrzebska